About Us

Trend Tea was created to share the beauty and art of tea.  We offer a unique variety of high-quality custom blends and popular loose-leaf teas, sourced locally in South Florida and around the globe.  Our custom teas are blended with love by our Chief Tea Specialist and founder, Nata Mason.  We are known for our unique and flavorful blends.  As any true tea connoisseur, we pay close attention to quality in character, body, aroma, finish, and liquor when making and brewing our teas. Choose from an assortment of teas including Herbal, Fruit and Rooibos blends, along with Black, White, Green, Oolong and Pu’erh. The perfect cup of tea requires the right accessories and sometimes a little snack seems to be the right fit. We offer delicious snacks, as well as a selection of tea balls, glass pods, tea bags, tea timers and more.  In consideration to coffee lovers, we offer Julius Meinl coffees. Be sure to consider giving the gift of tea and if you’re not sure what they will like, you may purchase a Trend Tea Gift Card.

Our flagship, Trend Tea Lounge is located on the second floor of the health-conscious Wyndham Hotel in Boca Raton, Florida. We welcome guests to enjoy our menu of freshly brewed teas and selection of delicious snacks in our relaxing atmosphere or to purchase our packaged loose-leaf teas and accessories for enjoyment at home. Whether celebrating an occasion, meeting with friends or business associates, or just stopping by - our lounge is a place that is in the center of our local community for people coming together through tea.  We also offer catering from this location and support many health and wellness events around town, like the annual Something BIG Yoga event, held on New Year’s Day in Mizner Park.  In addition, we create Tea and Yoga retreats around the world in partnership with Yoga Journey, also located in the Wyndham Hotel.

Tea Experiences

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the comfort of a soothing cup of tea or spoil yourself with a cup of decadence.  Indulge in the experience and unite mindfully with yourself and your surroundings. Find peace and serenity with each sip. Drinking tea provides self-care and self-love. It is an opportunity to remind yourself that you are valuable and deserve the opportunity to unwind.

Connect with others through the ritual of tea drinking. There is nothing like a gathering with likeminded friends for good conversation over a spread of delicious teas and an assortment of delightful snacks.  It could be a party or a table just for two.  Practice a custom that has roots deep in history throughout the world. 

Match your tea to your mood or situation. Whether seeking to build your immune system, looking for a boost of energy or the perfect night’s sleep, teas can offer a solution. Many ancient cultures have always used tea for its’ medicinal purposes.  Go ahead and support your health journey.

Trend Tea offers teas for every occasion and hope you take some time to taste our beautiful blends. 

Notes from the owners: Nata Mason and Myriam Keleti

Ever since I could remember, I’ve loved Tea.  I love the way different types of teas can make you feel with their magical aromas, medicinal qualities, flavorful tastes and just the rituals surrounding tea drinking.  It is this fascination with tea that always drove me to seek out tea houses on my travels around the world, along with learning about teas from that region.  After years of being a tea enthusiast, I decided to attend the Specialty Tea Institute and started going to the World Tea Expo to widen my knowledge of tea. 

I was blessed to learn how to identify the origin and terroir of tea by taste.  This led me to custom blending high-quality natural teas, putting mixtures together that were hard to find or offered certain health benefits – leaving out artificial ingredients and taking ancient recipes into consideration.  At first, I sold my teas at farmers markets and home parties. Next came a Tea Shack in my hometown of Boca Raton, Florida. The need for a brand soon emerged as interest from the community grew.

I created Trend Tea from this journey and the idea of sharing the joy of tea with the world.  In 2012, a dream came true, when I had the opportunity to create the Trend Tea Lounge in the health-conscious Wyndham Hotel, Boca Raton.  “People coming together through tea” is what the lounge is all about, serving guests and our local community as a place to gather, relax and chat over sumptuous snacks and of course, amazing teas. Many people stop by alone and end up chatting with our staff, while meeting new or old friends. Whether it’s a party, a meeting or just some alone time, the Trend Tea lounge has a corner for you.

I will love tea forever and you can expect to always find an exciting new blend full of goodness from us.  I invite you to take a moment, try a blend that speaks to you.  Come by our lounge for a taste, we usually have a tea pot of something ready to try.  We will welcome you. 

Wishing you well and thank you for being part of our Trend Tea community. 

Love & Peace,

Nata Mason 


Coffee and chocolate have always been a passion of mine. As early as 9 years old, I was drinking at least one Americano and one whole chocolate bar a day! As I grew older, I discovered and fell in love with what I consider the perfect cup of coffee, a “Marrón”. A Marrón with a piece of dark chocolate has been my afternoon go to for as long as I can remember. 

Now, what is a “Marrón”? 

Come to Trend Tea and try one! It is the traditional coffee in my home country Venezuela. 

My passions throughout my life have always revolved around food, coffee, and chocolate. After pursuing a law degree and starting my family, I eventually decided to go to culinary school in Venezuela and soon after started a cake baking and decorating business with my sister. Moving to the US with my family a few years later, changed the course of my business, but I knew I wanted to continue pursuing it. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to travel with my husband around South America to visit famous coffee and chocolate plantations and factories and get my Barista certification in Colombia. We both shared this passion and began a beautiful journey creating BAKE Performance. My path and experiences made me quickly fell in love with the concept and culture Nata has created with Trend Tea: love, peace, and community. After knowing her for 12 years and working together, we decided to partner to elevate Trend Tea’s service and commitment to our community. We are beyond excited to share what’s in store and continue to connect and inspire everyone around us.

Coffee, Chocolate & Love,

Myriam Keleti