Why do I love Coffee?

Unlike many people I don’t drink coffee to wake up; I wake up to drink coffee!

I love the smell, the taste, and will always close my eyes to really enjoy that first sip of coffee in the morning. Every cup brings me back to my childhood: wonderful times with my great-grand mother just telling me her stories over a café colado (coffee brewed over a cloth strainer). All my gathering with friends and family end up with a cup of coffee. When I think coffee I think happiness, family, friends, and replenishment. Additionally, I’m lucky to share my love for coffee with my beloved husband. I love coffee!

Drinking a cup of coffee has become an essential part of many people’s morning and afternoon routines, definitely including mine! Sitting, sipping, and enjoying a pleasant conversation with your perfect cup of coffee is the best way to escape the daily stresses of life. Meeting with friends, co-worker or costumers, no matter what the occasion is, coffee brings the community together!

Trend Tea is a place to relax, meet with friends, read a book, have work meetings and drink the perfect cup of coffee or tea, accompanied of course with pastries and other snacks; you can have it all in one!

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