Stories of Travel by Nata Mason

My passion for tea grew out of my passion for travel. I work so that I can travel. In my travels, I love to meet people, learn about their customs, and discover new teas. My tea journey began on a trip to San Francisco, California. That trip introduced me to the world of tea and taught me so much about the path on which I was about to embark.

Since I began, I have traveled the world, discovering new places, meeting new people, and tasting new teas. I also partnered with Leslie Glickman of Yoga Journey on Yoga and Tea retreats through Italy and Spain. These retreats combine the practice of yoga with the practice of drinking tea. Both offer opportunities for introspection and relaxation. On these retreats, I serve tea before sunrise meditation and during breakfast. My favorite part of these retreats are the tea parties that I plan for the participants. These retreats provide me with the opportunity to serve my favorite custom blend loose leaf teas and pair them with local treats, as well as teach the participants about the many health benefits of tea.

One of my favorite sayings is “coming together through tea.”  I find that traveling is the perfect way to do this.  Tea is a way to welcome new friends.  It provides a time to pause and meditate. Tea can be the center of a social event, or it can be used to enhance your health and well-being.

Globally, Tea is the most popular drink. It is being grown and produced in over 40 countries around the world.  My goal is to travel to as many of these destinations as possible and discover new blends. I look forward to meeting new friends, visit old friends, all while sharing my passion for tea and travel.